Okko Pro Limited

About us

Okko is a company built on a passion to help you capture the best possible imagery that you can. We don’t discriminate based on photographic ability, equipment or location. All of our filters are compatible with most commercially available lenses. This will allow you to go anywhere you want and capture every moment, regardless of rain, wind, light, sand or snow. 

We don’t limit ourselves because we want you to be unstoppable.

Beyond the purchase lies our warranty. Because we want you to join our community of adventurers and remain with us throughout all your photographic journeys, we will replace all broken filters for free. All you have to pay for is the shipping to send the broken filter with a copy of the receipt back to us and we will have a replacement sent back to you as soon as we have received the old one. You may be wondering if there is any limit to this warranty, as it does seem too good to be true. Maybe it’s only valid for a year after purchase. Maybe we’ll only replace certain filters. Maybe we’ll limit the number of replacements to you. No, no and in most circumstances no, but sometimes yes. Whether it’s been one day or 50 years, we will always replace all Okko filters with genuine breaks, no matter the version of the filter or the number of filters sent in at one time if you had some particularly bad luck. The only time that we will refuse to send a replacement filter or ask for some further clarification from you is if we believe the break is not genuine and you are breaking filters on purpose. We respect you, we only have so much patience for those who don’t respect us.

If you feel like you can identify with who we are and where we’re coming from, we’d love you to join our community of adventurers by liking our Facebook page or even following us on Instagram - that’s where our community really thrives. You’ll find a whole group of like-minded individuals showcasing the stunning images that our filters helped them capture, why not check it out and #filteryourself.